The Client

Fourans is an NGO accounting firm. The client had just resigned from her job working in the finance industry to work with NGOs across Nigeria.

The Request

She needed to have an online presence to support her offline marketing.

She wanted something simple and easy to navigate through. A site where visitors can view her services and contact her.

She also wanted branded stationary to aid her marketing. She wanted a letter head, business card and brochure designed and printed.

How We Handled It

This request was particularly exciting because it blended majority of the departments at Sarge – design, software, content and print.

Here’s how we handled it

1. Keyword Research
We fired up a few of our SEO tools to find what keywords her target audience were using to search for services she offered.

We came up with over a 100

2. Content Development
Using these keywords, we came up with content we used to design the website

3. Web Design
After the content was drawn up, we used it to come up a design that matched her brand.

(screen shot 3 pages of website on desktop)

4. Stationary Design
Concurrently, we designed her business card, brochure and letter head.

(designs of business card, brochure and letter head)

We also sent her letter head in a Word format so she could use it online too.

Brilliant, right!

The Results

She was quite ecstatic about the work we had done.

We also stayed on to monitor her search engine performance, like we do for our clients.

After a few months, they started ranking on page one of Google search.

After a year, they were ranking on page one of Google for searches related to their services.

(video recording of website on page one

It was absolutely amazing working with this brand to get them online the right way.

We can do the same for us, message us now, let’s get started.

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