Software development is complex and can often be challenging.

A poorly defined and faulty process may compromise the product quality or result in significant delays.

At Sarge, before starting the development process, we outline and organise the objectives of the custom software project. We ask our clients to fill a questionnaire to help us understand your requirements, and generally provide a step of instructions or features needed to complete the project well and in a timely manner.

We ask these questions to assist our designers and developers to effectively manage all of the elements of the software creation project and create the ideal software that meets your needs and solve the challenges your users are facing.

General Information

In this section, we would like to know you and the organisation you represent.

1. Name

2. Position

Product Details

Here, we would like you to explain what the project is expected to achieve or what business problem needs to be solved. Also, do explain why the project is being undertaken.

By understanding the goal or purpose of your project, we will be able to look at every step of the process with that goal in mind.

1. Name of Product

2. Overview

3. Briefly describe the concept of the product

4. What solution does your app solve?

5. Please list out the primary functionalities

6. Please list out the secondary functionalities

7. What does success look like to you on this project?

8. Do you have any sketches, diagrams or wireframes to help illustrate your vision for your

9. Do you need to integrate any existing systems with the new project?

10. Do you have any creative/design specifications for the application?

11. Do you need to involve the focus/test group to get feedback about the app/design?

12. Do you foresee the app as being a one off or expect extra development in the future?

13. Will users have any big technology constraints we should know about? If yes, what?

Oftentimes, developers and clients alike do not define what problem the software program aims to solve. At Sarge, we avoid inconsistencies.

We like to identify the problem that is being solved as soon as possible. This way, we are able to stay on task and get a better picture of the audience that will be using your product.

Once we have understood you and cleared any doubt about the project, we will move forward with the creation process.


We are professionals who aim to solve our clients problems and provide quality services, on time. During our first meeting with you, we want to know what you expect from us, the budget, and the expected delivery date and time.

Defining these terms will help erase potential threats that could impact the success of the project:

1. What time frame are you working with to get the project started and delivered?

2. Do you have any restrictions?

3. What is your budget for this project?

Please fill the form here or request a phone call here to get started.

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