The Client

They were looking for a company to bring their product to life.

They had created this delicious tomato paste and wanted the world to know about it.

They needed a brand packaging that would pique their audience’s attention and compel them to purchase their product


Our Approach

Brand Identity Creation

They did not have an initial brand identity, so our first task was to create one.

Like we always do, we researched the brand and their service offerings and came up with a mood board.

(image of mood board)

Using the mood board, the sergeant on the task came up with sketches.


The sketches were then made digital and mocked up to show the client the logo’s application.

(3 logo concepts)

The founder liked the second concept and asked us to expand on that.

The sergeant went back to the drawing board and came up with 2 extra logos.

(3 logo variations)

He chose 3.


Style Guide

To promote consistency (incase he wanted to work with other branding agencies or designers in the future), we worked on a style guide befitting of the brand.

We came up with fonts, secondary colours and how the logo should be applied.

(screen shot of style guide)


Product Branding

Once the identity was created, our sergeant came up with 3 concepts for the tin tomato and carton it will be packaged in.

Here they are.

(the concepts)

He chose two.


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