So, your business is finally ready for a website.

Before we can design a website that works for your business, there are certain things we need to deal with.

To nail the design, our web design and SEO team need a solid understanding of your brand’s identity, brand values and goals for this project.

We often have phone calls or physical meetings with our clients to go over the questions below but you can also fill this web design questionnaire if you prefer.

These questions allows us to gain relevant, focused, and helpful information to help us design a website that works for you.  The best way we understand your needs and provide you with the best estimate possible is to ask lots of questions.

The questionnaire is divided into four sections. Each section addresses key issues that will play important roles in determining how the design and content are created.

We advise that you answer as honestly as you can.

Our Web Design Questionnaire

  1. About the Brand

In this section, we want to understand what your brand stands for. Think about your business and the direction you would like to take it. You can describe what you hope to achieve with the project. If you have an existing website, your response will help us learn from any mistakes the past designers and developers made.

Help us discover who your main competitors are so that we can gather information that will help guide the web design. Tell us what you like and dislike about their websites—this will be key in our design process. Also, your honest response will aid us in understanding your target audience. By knowing who the audience are, we gain insight into what design elements — such as colours, images and fonts — to use on your website.

We want to know what makes you stand out from your competition. Tell us your unique selling proposition (USP), unique value proposition (UVP), competitive advantage, or strengths so we can better guide your website visitors towards making a purchase.

Knowing your unique selling point will help us design a site that stands apart from your competitors’.

By establishing your pain points and determining the issues you are trying to solve with this project, we stand a better chance of producing an efficient solution for you.

  1. What does your brand do? (if you had 30 seconds to explain your product to a potential client, what would you say?)
  2. What problem do you solve for your customers?
  3. Who are your 5 main competitors (direct and indirect)
  4. List your competitors websites
  5. What do you like about their presence?
  6. What about your background or product or service sets you apart from your competitors? Why should your prospects buy from you or engage with you?
  7. Is there a unique story behind your brand or brand name?
  8. What are 5 words that should express the values or feelings your brand should communicate?


  1. About the Project

Your response to these questions will help us understand the website elements that mean the most to you. Defining the new website’’s purpose, understanding its current weaknesses, and creating a detailed feature list will help us build a solid foundation for a successful project. We encourage you to consider the audience and the goals for the website when coming up with the list of necessary features.

We want to understand the weaknesses of the current site and see what is not working for you. Your response will help us understand the new website’s purpose. The insight will let us know if the website only needs a new feature added or a different theme, or should be built on a new platform with a different layout and features. Also, establish whether you want particular functionalities included on the new or existing website.

Also, give us more information on the keywords that your audience are searching for online. The answer to this question will show what keywords your site currently ranks for (if any) and so we can better position your website for search.

We build our content from keywords users are already using to search for your products , and knowing your target keywords will help us create better web content.

  1. Why do you want a website?
  2. What specific services does your company provide?
  3. What keywords will your audience use to find your website?
  4. What features will your website need?
  5. What similar websites do you like and what is it you like about them?
  6. Do you know which menu items you would like to see on your website? If so please indicate them below. (Please note these do not have to be the final items, this is just to give us an idea of what style of menu to design for your website)
  7. Do you have any special requests for added functionality to your site?
  8. Please provide us with any other information that may be useful for us to design your website.
  9. Does your company have established branding?
  10. Do you want us to handle maintenance?
  11. Would you like us to handle content marketing?


  1. About your customer

Help us understand your ideal client.

Design is subjective and appeals differently to people. We want to design a website that resonates strongly with the users and target audience, otherwise, they will not use it.

Give us more information on your ideal customer, demographics and psychographics. The more we know about the end users, the better we can determine the appearance, layout, and navigation of the website.

  1. Describe your ideal customer?

What primary message do you want to pass across to your clients? (this doesn’t have to be verbal, it can also be how you want them to feel. Think of the iPhone, how does it make you feel?)

  1. Share 5 adjectives or words that best describes your ideal customer
  2. Do you have any market research about your ideal client or your product you can share with us?


4. About the Identity (design)

Now we have understood your brand and your customers. Tell us how you want to be perceived by these customers and prospects.

  1. What is the purpose behind this exercise? Why now?
  2. Do you have existing corporate colours? If so, please indicate what they are below.
  3. Please list any slogans or taglines that your company uses.
  4. Do you have any ideas about what types of images you would like to see used on your website? If so, please tell us about your ideas.
  5. Please check any words that would best describe the look and feel that you would like your website to display.

For every web design project, it is important for both our team and our client to have a realistic understanding of what needs to be done, by when, and at what cost.

Using a web design questionnaire is the best way to accomplish this task. This questionnaire will help us create a successful project.


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