Designing a new or existing product involves strategic thinking and a problem-solving approach.

Our product design team work to improve the quality of life of your end-users and their interaction with your product.

At Sarge, we are about solving problems for you — and in this case, connecting the needs of the user with your product.

We know that designs are for people. This is why to deliver great products, businesses must deliver the right feature, with the right user experience, and for the right people.

A good product design not only attracts your target audience to your product, but also impacts positively on your business as it is deemed trendy and dynamic.

To justify every design decision, we take the time to understand your product, customers and the market.

We identify opportunities for your brand to stand out by exploring lots of product branding ideas.

Our product design questionnaire is divided into three sections. Each section attempts to understand you, the purpose for building the product, your target audience, recommended design, and expectations.

We implore you to answer these questions as honestly as you can to aid us in understanding what your brand stands for and how we can be of help.

A. About the Brand

In this section, we want you to think about your brand and the direction you would like to take it. It is best if you explain your company’s goals.

You can weave in some information about what your organisation is and why it exists.

Answering these questions will help our designers understand the user experience of the product as a whole, not purely the interaction (feel) or visual (look) part of design.

We want to learn about the audience for whom we are designing the product for, create a viewpoint based on the audience needs and insights, brainstorm and come up with as many creative solutions as possible.

1. Brand Name

2. Mission statement

3. Product/service positioning statement

4. Benefit of your product/service

5. First five words that represent your brand

6. Three messages your brand needs to communicate

7. Value proposition

8. What are the distribution channels you use? Describe the end-to-end supply chain
distribution journey.

B. About the Target Market

In this section, we want to understand your target market and identify how we can improve the user experience when the audience use your products.

We expect that as a business, you have conducted invaluable market research to aid the product design process. Having relevant data on your target market will help us create a product design that appeals to them, while the
product resonate with their challenges and needs.

1. Tell us about your target market

2. Age range

3. Gender

4. Possible occupations

5. Monthly income

C. About the project

We will like to know what you expect from us on the project. The expected duration of the product design and delivery should be made known in this section. We also will like to be notified of any preferred design, if you have any. We wish that you express your honest thoughts here so that we can work with the details to deliver quality service to you.

1. What are your expected deliverables?

2. What message do you want passed on the design?

3. Is there a reference benchmark? If you can, please provide with examples of relevant design
and reference materials, if possible. Are there any designs you've seen previously that capture
what you are feeling?

4. Dimensions of product

5. Dimension of the carton

6. Additional statement

The key to a successful product design is an understanding of the end-user customer (your clients).

This is why we have created a questionnaire to learn more about you and your project.

With this guide, we hope to give you a clearer overview of how our branding process works

and expect your honest answers to these questions.

Ultimately, your response will determine how we go about the design.

Please fill this form or request a phone call here to get started.

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