Over the past few years we’ve worked with multiple businesses, like yours, to create their brand’s identity.

During the exploration phase we often have our clients fill a questionnaire to establish a foundation of understanding.

Answers to this logo design questionnaire helps us figure out what you want and need from a finished design.

We will usually go through the questions below over a phone call or physical meeting but like our clients to read through them (and if possible answer them here) to get your thoughts rolling before the meeting.

The questions have been segmented into four sections to simplify the process.

Please read through them carefully.


A. About the Brand

In this section, we want you to think about your brand and the direction you would like to take it. Explain your company’s goals, brand values, and attributes. These will help us gain a good sense of how the directions we can go through to represent your brand.

We take understanding your project seriously, and this section provides more details about your brand and values.

  1. Brand Name
  2. Mission Statement
  3. Product/Service Positioning Statement
  4. Benefit of your product/service
  5. First Five Words that Represents your Brand
  6. Three Messages your Brand Need to Communicate
  7. Value Proposition

B. Brand Attributes

In this section, we focus on the aesthetic attributes that will make up your new or refined brand identity.

1. What colours represent your brand?

2. How does your brand fall between these opposing characteristics?

  • Masculine/Feminine
  • Grey/Colorful
  • Simple/Intricate
  • Approachable/Authoritative
  • Conservative/Extravagant
  • Fun/Serious
  • Necessity/Luxury
  • Modern/Classic
  • Professional/Casual
  • Sporty/Elegant
  • Safe/Extreme

3. What colours would you not like to see?
4. What words would you use to describe your brand’s image?
5. What attributes and/or emotions do you want associated with your brand?

The answers will help us to build on an image even further.

C. Abstract Values

This section involves a bit of imagination. According to Entrepreneur , knowing a brand’s abstract values can increase productivity for the branding agency and clients. We advise you to answer the questions using your imagination to think of your brand in unique situations.

  1. How would you describe your brand to a friend?
  2. How would you describe its style?
  3. What other brand’s would be its friends?
  4. Where would your brand hang out?
  5. Age? Gender?
  6. What kind of car would your brand be?
  7. What animal would represent your brand?

These questions are asked to encourage more relaxed and genuine answers. They will serve as useful material during the exploration/research phase of the project. .

D. Design

In this section, we want to get into the look and feel of your brand. Your answer will help us
narrow down our visual preferences.

Which one of these logo formats do you believe best represents your brand?

Pictoral Mark

Abstract Mark

Emblem or Enclosure

By asking these questions, we can carry out a successful project that is fun and engaging.

Sarge can help you design your logo and every other part of your brand’s identity.

Our creative team has got the right skills and professional tools to help you bring your ideas to life.

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