Instagram is home to over 1 billion active users, 55% of which are aged 25-55.

This platform may be a highly visual network, but words make the difference between following and participating.

When it comes to improving how users engage with your brand on Instagram, there are certain refinements you can adopt to improve your social presence.

Enter copywriting.

A well-written Instagram copy changes the experience from observation to engagement.

In other words, images and videos get your audience’s attention but your copy encourages them to engage.

And on social media, engagement is the bridge that leads to conversion and sales.

The business community on Instagram is thriving.

Depending on who your ideal client is, there is a good chance Instagram is the perfect way to connect with them.

To see improved engagement and build trust with your Instagram followers, you need to improve your copy writing skills.


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5 Instagram Marketing Secrets Every Business Owner Should Adopt

  1. Let Your Brand’s Personality Speak 

First, understand what you want your brand to represent and the community you want to cultivate. This way, you can successfully reflect your brand’s tone, voice, and style to your audience.

Next, you lead with a hook that will be intriguing enough for followers to realize that they want to keep on reading. The words you use in your bio and captions shape your brand’s story and personality, so stick to your brand voice and tone.

Your Instagram bio is often your audience’s first impression of your brand. It should reflect your brand personality.

Here, define your business, add keywords related to your brand or industry, and use a warm and friendly tone to introduce your brand.

Using hashtags and handles on your Instagram bio can help drive traffic to partner accounts.

Pro Tip: Your bio should speak more on the benefits you will provide to your followers.

Take a look at our bio on Instagram. It tells our followers that by working with us, they get to build a brand customers will want to interact with


2. Add Value to Your Post for More Engagement

Think like a customer to create engaging and original Instagram content.

What value would they get from your writing? What problem or pain point does your product cover and solve? To write an engaging Instagram caption, make sure to highlight and answer these questions.

Adding value to your posts beyond the visual can lead to more post saves.

This could be

  • recipes
  • how to’s
  • or just a meaningful caption that people want to remember.

Giveaways are another great way to add value to your Instagram posts.

They are a great way to give users an incentive to follow your content as long as you are careful about how you advertise it.

You can read Instagram’s promotional guidelines here.

Pro Tip: When doing a giveaway, do not use money as the incentive. Give away your products/services to get targeted leads.

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  1. Prompt Your Audience to Engage With Your Post

Give your audience a prompt to engage with your post.

These can be asking them to “double-tap” or “leave a comment” on a post you made.

In the same way, interact with accounts your target audience are interacting with.

Leave comments, like their posts, and respond to their stories.

Asking questions is also a great way to communicate with your audience.

Asking your followers what they think about your post engages your audience and starts a conversation around your image, brand, or product line.

It also gives you a chance, as a brand, to show your human side.

Pro Tip: Always engage your audience through a call-to-action. Be consistent in adding a calls-to-action in your Instagram caption, whether you are asking for a tag or encouraging people to visit your website to shop.

Use strong action words like “start,” “shop,” “join,” “learn,” and “discover” to grab your followers’ attention and inspire them to act.

  1. Use of Storytelling

The human brain retains 70% of information through stories and 95% – through emotions.

Infusing storytelling into your Instagram marketing is a great way to boost engagement and build trust with your followers.

When told right, a story is the best way to make followers see the world through your eyes.

Storytelling helps to humanize your brand and make a personal connection with your followers.

Stories grab attention, help them remember you, and can motivate users to follow and buy from you with time.

Your narrative should be cohesive and relate to the real world. Use the combination of process description, your experience, and feelings for readers to recognise themselves in your story and want to share it.

Pro Tip: Use tags and hashtags. They make your content more visible and help you reach a broader audience. One to three hashtags are most used in Instagram posts, but you are welcome to add more.

Instagram Hashtags Usage


  1. Your Language is Key

Instagram copy is the key to driving real engagement and conversions.

Your Instagram bio and captions give context to your content, show your personality as a brand, and encourage your audience to take action. The language you employ can help you sound more authentic.

Incorporating a sense of authenticity into your content strategy is the top Instagram trend in 2020, and plays a significant role in engaging the audience.

Remember, only 29% of Instagram users are over 35.

The majority are Millennials and Gen Z representatives who communicate and perceive information faster and simpler. A content shock and short attention span make them ignore long, annoying texts with tons of professional slang and marketing buzzwords.

Make sure your language appeals to basic instincts.

Pro Tip: Use active verbs, odd numbers and beneficial adjectives, as well as stylistic devices such as repetition, metaphor, and contrast.


We recommend consistency above all else—whether it is in your visuals or your content.

Show up on your Instagram stories.

Share advice, what you are working on, topics you want to chat about with your audience (so they reply to your stories), and real parts of your day.

Connect with your community.

Be yourself.

Ultimately, do not be afraid to post what you think resonates with you and your brand values.

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