Do you love to write? Are you able to crank out quality copy fast while effectively telling a story within a business writing capacity?

We’re seeking a B2B copywriter that understands the fundamentals of B2B to manage the creative direction and content writing of our content outlets from social media to email newsletters to blogs.

If you enjoy and are good at writing website content, blogs, emails, whitepapers, case studies, collateral and all kinds of various content, we want to hear from you!

We’re an agency full of what we like to call, “cool nerds”. We are looking for overachievers that are low on ego and high on excellence. We work hard but enjoy our jobs too.

Talented people thrive here.

Qualities You Should Possess

  • be highly creative and imaginative
  • have good written and interpersonal skills
  • work well in a team
  • have an eye for detail
  • have an interest in commerce, popular culture, and new advertising trends and techniques
  • have knowledge of businesses, B2B models and how they work


Your Responsibilities

You will be responsible for taking ours and our client’s advertising brief and generating original copy ideas that grab the attention of the target audience. This can include creating straplines, slogans, body copy, jingles and scripts. Usually working on multiple projects, the typical creative process can involve:

  • meeting with the senior creative director to discuss the requirements and core messages
  • familiarizing yourselves with the product, target audience and competitor activities in the market
  • brainstorming ideas and concepts for the visual and words with other members of the creative team
  • presenting initial ideas to the creative director, some of which may be rejected or developed into workable concepts
  • writing various copy options, which may be presented to the client as a story board (a consecutive series of frames depicting the script and drawings that may be used)
  • modifying copies
  • overseeing the production phase, booking and liaising with designers, illustrators, printers, photographers and production companies

Accuracy is essential.

The copywriter is accountable for checking all the content being advertised is truthful and complies with codes of advertising practice. Although proofreaders will examine the final copy, copywriters are also responsible for checking spelling and grammar.

If you think you have what it takes, email your CV (pdf) and a link to your portfolio to

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