Tips for a Consistent Social Media Presence

A lot of businesses across Nigeria today have started to make social media their main priority because the digital market continues to grow bigger.

With thousands of businesses and startups creating a social profile everyday how do you stand out and create a consistent social media presence for years to come?

Adding managing your social media presence to your daily routine of running your business can be quite hectic.

Here are a couple tips on how to remain consistent;


What Do You Want Your Brand To Be Known For? Not every company is the same. Your brand voice makes you stand out among every other company in your niche. How do you want your company to be perceived? Thoughtful and witty? Stylish? Do you want to give business or cooking advice? Will you respond in we or I?

Your brand voice should reflect who you are as a business to help your audience form an emotional connection with you. Make sure your voice is consistent across your social media channels so your audience don’t get confused.


A lot of times, business owners tend to over think marketing on social media. Try keeping your plans simple so you have a steady stream of relevant content. The key here is to think about who you are marketing to, and focus on delivering content your audience will enjoy and find valuable.


Goals often fall by the wayside when we don’t develop a plan to achieve them. Committing to a specific time each day keeps you accountable and ensures you do not procrastinate. Do not make plans that are too lofty so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Make a commitment of tweeting twice or sharing one post on Instagram daily. A small investment goes a long way. Just make sure you stay consistent.

With tools like Hootsuite and Buffer, you can schedule your posts ahead of time and spend the rest of the day focused on your business.


So many people I’ve talked to try to do everything on their own without looking around to see how others in their niche are doing it. Check out your competitor’s. See what they are doing and look for ways to make their strategy better.

Use tools like Swayy, Feedly and Nuzzel to discover top news stories about your brand.


Setting aside time for social media might seem like a big deal but I promise you, it’s an investment. Analysis shows 33% of consumers prefer to contact companies over social media rather than the phone. You will be missing out on a lot of people if your social media isn’t properly optimized to capture them. So be patient and consistent and it will pay off in the long run.

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