After years of trailblazing as a chartered accountant, the founder of Fourans was ready for the next stage of her career.

With decades of expertise under her belt, she was on a mission to make a name for her brand in the non profit accounting niche.

Decked with a team and a pedigree that would speak to their capacity as honest and hardworking professionals, they had two problems;

  • How will people they solicited take them seriously with a website?
  • How will their clients find them online?

The founder asked around for a professional web design agency that can relay her brand image in the right way and we were recommended to her.

After a few sessions, she was convinced we were up to the task.

Our Approach

At Sarge Clan, we believe if a website is pretty but ineffective in improving one’s business then we didn’t do our job properly.

Our goal was to design a website that was not only good to look at but also user friendly, mobile responsive and optimized for those searching for their service.

1. Understanding The Users

With Fourans, the first step was understanding their target market and culture.

A chartered accountant is distinguished with a high degree of professionalism and sobriety.

That means animations were out.

Although their focus was on non profit organizations, their founder also emphasized on small and medium enterprises. because those firms were the also in need of her services.

This took about a week.

2. Keyword Research

They already had their marketing strategy but also wanted alternate means of getting new clients.

We proposed Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Based off her target market, industry and a few keywords from their in house marketer, we created a list of over 1000 keywords.

These words came from our research using the best keyword tools.

Using these keywords, we created the website copy.

After a few reviews, we finalized on the copy.

This took 3 weeks, one week for the keyword research and another two for the website copy.

3. Wire Framing

We had our keywords, we had our content, the next thing was figuring out the information architecture of the site.

We wanted a site which would present the user with the information they needed as soon as they landed on the site.

We also wanted something that would guide them through their service offerings and make them contact them.

Their main goal was to generate leads so we created a landing home page that had s form for users to fill. Straight to the point!

We also wire framed the services page for those who would find them from individual services.

Once this was approved, we moved to the final stage, web design!

4. Web Design

Using the wire frames and style guide created by our graphic designers, our web developers built a mobile responsive website that showcased their professional services.

The Result

They were very pleased with the final product.

Their website has gone on to:

  • rank for multiple keywords
  • add to leads generated every month
  • help with marketing

the image above represents website clicks on Fourans website in the last week

With the aim of achieving even higher results on every site, we create assets for our clients’ businesses and speak volumes about our work ethic.

This is a good time to show appreciation to the engineers and designers that fulfilled Fourans wishes with speed and precision.

Get in contact with us today for a one on one consultation. Sarge Clan is ready.


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